West Midlands



Moonstone Therapy offers a holistic approach to support children and adults to grow and develop on their journey.

I am a qualified, accredited Counsellor. I have had an Advanced Diploma in Counselling since 2004 and a Masters in Play Therapy since 2013. I have worked with individual children, groups of children and parents and children. I have also worked with teenagers and adults. During my work with adults and children I began to develop my knowledge of crystals and how they can support emotional and physical healing. My interest led me to qualify as a Crystal Therapist. I initially trained in Usui Reiki Level 2 to support my own mindfulness practices. As my experience grew I discovered that I could incorporate it into my work to help with relaxation, emotional wellbeing and calm. Working holistically gives me the opportunity to assess what would be the most beneficial approach to use with each person. Often a person is drawn to the therapeutic approach which will give them the most benefit and as a Person Centred Holistic Practitioner I am able to incorporate your needs into my approach.